Elopement in Colorado

Elopement in Colorado

When the pandemic dashed Harry and Erin’s plans for an Atlanta wedding, they said “screw it” and I helped them plan a romantic elopement in Colorado, instead. The beautiful Colorado elopement, which took place in Boulder, was filled with fun, romantic details, and a dash of adventure!

A couple that just had an elopement in Colorado standing in a rolling field, with the Rocky Mountains and a lake in the distance behind them.

An Intimate Golden Hour Ceremony

One of the perks of an elopement in Colorado was that Harry and Erin could make the day completely their own. From the beginning to the end of the day, everything they did was a reflection of their relationship and their hopes for the future.

The day started quietly and reverently with tea and breakfast overlooking the mountains. Those mountains were our constant companions throughout the day, and they took every opportunity to enjoy the views.

Harry and Erin got ready together in their hotel. Their clothing and details were elegant yet unpretentious. Erin’s understated jewelry complemented her soft, full dress. Its train caught the breeze throughout the day, adding movement and fun. Harry’s outfit and accessories complemented his stoic and sweet demeanor. 

You can totally still include your family and loved ones in your elopement, by the way! Even though the elopement was a small affair, Harry and Erin were able to connect with loved ones beforehand via video chat. They received love and well wishes from family members across the country.

For their first look, we took full advantage of the fall colors to capture the mood of this elopement in Colorado. Orange and red trees cast a golden glow over the dappled park lawn where Harry saw Erin for the first time. Just wait until you see his face! The sunlight through the leaves reflected the warmth between them as they set off for the ceremony location.

The adventurous couple decided to have their elopement outside of Boulder beside a glassy mountain lake. After a rugged drive, the sweeping mountains jutted against the wide-open sky. Harry and Erin really wanted to see trees and snow-capped mountains, so I scouted tons of locations in advance until we found the perfect place. During the ceremony, the lake glittered in the setting sun and the mountains were sporting some gorgeous snow from the recent storm. For their vows, Harry and Erin read handwritten letters that elicited both laughter and tears. Every detail was special and specific to their life as a couple. They prepared a playlist of all of their favorite song that held deep meaning to their relationship, which was the perfect soundtrack to this romantic moment. After exchanging rings, Harry and Erin shared their first kiss as a married couple against a postcard-worthy backdrop of lake and mountain.

Did you know that you don’t need an officiant to have a legal elopement in Colorado? All you need is your person, a marriage license, and a pen. Oh, and an amazing photographer of course. Harry and Erin made it officially official, all by themselves!

As the sun lowered, we fully embraced the unique golden hour glow that only The Rocky Mountains can give. Even in the sun, it was pretty cold, so Harry and Erin cozied up for a champagne toast and their first dance as husband and wife. Erin’s white stole added sophistication to her outfit. If you’re going to have an elopement in Colorado, why not look super fly for it?

An elopement in Colorado definitely makes for cinematic, bold, and intimate photos! Harry and Erin ended up looking like movie stars on a film poster. The intrepid couple caught the breathtaking sunset in a field of soft grass amid evergreens and fall foliage. The drama of the mountains and landscape provided a perfect backdrop for romantic portraits – infused with some fun, of course! 

Harry and Erin’s Story

Harry and Erin met in college and have been inseparable since. Life has taken them from Georgia to California. Their Atlanta wedding-turned-elopement in Colorado turned out to be one more adventure in their journey together.

As it did for many couples, the pandemic threw a wrench in Harry and Erin’s wedding plans. They originally planned their wedding to take place in Atlanta, their hometown. Since most of their friends and family live there, it made sense to host the 80-person ceremony and reception there. 

Then to everyone’s disappointment, the pandemic stretched on and on. Having relocated to San Jose, California, balancing all the uncertainties of a big wedding out of state became less appealing. Harry and Erin sent out their “un-save the dates” in August. They didn’t want to take any risks until the world was in the clear from the pandemic.

Instead, they focused on planning a dreamy elopement in Colorado. Harry and Erin exchanged vows just outside of Boulder, Colorado, in an intimate ceremony in a cinematic landscape. It was even featured in the Huffington Post

The couple feels lucky that they were able to have a beautiful elopement full of meaningful details. Their Colorado elopement reflected their willingness to take leaps and set off into the unknown together. 

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The elopement couple start their morning on their hotel balcony, drinking tea and eating breakfast together while admiring the Colorado mountains in the distance.The bride's details, such as jewelry, family heirlooms, and accessories for an elopement in Colorado A close-up image of the elopement couple's rings, as well as a flat lay of the groom's jewelry and accessories. The couple in their hotel room about to get ready for their elopement, visiting with family and friends over video chat. Harry, the groom, in the hotel room getting his suit on while waiting for his bride. Erin, the bride, getting her dress off the hanger to get dressed. Portraits of Erin, the bride, in the hotel room at the St. Julien Hotel and Spa, ready for her elopement in Colorado. Erin, the bride, getting her shoes on and getting ready for her first look with her groom, Harry. Groom waiting for the first look with his bride in front of a bright yellow fall tree. Bride walking to see her groom, with her dress flowing in the breeze behind her. First look with bride and groom before their elopement in Colorado. First look with bride and groom before their fall elopement in Colorado. Bride and groom exchanging vows for their elopement in Colorado, standing in front of a lake, with mountains and trees in the distance. Emotional groom declaring his vows to his bride during their elopement in Colorado. Emotional bride listening to her groom's vows to his bride during their elopement in Colorado. Ring ceremony during an elopement in Colorado. An emotional bride and groom embracing one another during their elopement in Colorado in front of a lake, with trees and snow-capped mountains in the distance. Bride and groom having their first kiss as a married couple, and signing their marriage license for their elopement in Colorado. Couple embracing one another while bride is holding their bouquet, after their elopement in Colorado. Married couple popping a bottle of champagne to celebrate their elopement in Colorado. Married couple having their first dance and drinking champagne in front of a lake surrounded by mountains, with the sun setting between the mountain peaks after their elopement in Boulder, Colorado. portraits of the married couple at sunset, walking and sitting among fall foliage for their elopement in Colorado. Married couple walking into the Colorado wilderness during their elopement. Candid portraits of an emotional bride holding her groom's face and kissing his cheek during their elopement in Colorado. Cinematic image of married couple standing in front of mountains with a sunset sky in the background during their elopement in Colorado.


Hotel: St. Julien Hotel & Spa 

Dress: The Sentimentalist

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  1. Stephanie says:

    I can’t get over how cinematic these photos are! It makes me want to go back to Colorado and explore more

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    I love all the beautiful colours in these photos! On top of that, you did a great job capturing some soul-gripping emotions (those vow photos!!). Super lovely. Thanks for sharing your work!

  3. Sydney says:

    Every photo is so beautiful and cinematic! Colorado is a gorgeous place to elope!

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    wow this elopement in colorado is beautiful! you did a great job capturing the couple and all the details and in between moments. gorgeous!

  5. Amy Isacson says:

    These are absolutely stunning! Wonderful description of their day and love the mood in the images! Looks to have been just perfect!!

  6. Hannah says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!! Love every single image!! What an amazing elopement!!

  7. Absolutely love how sweet and intimate their day looked. You captured it so beautifully showing off all the little moments throughout the day – not to mention the amazing scenery to go along with it!

  8. Heather Huie says:

    I love all the emotions when they are reading their vows!

  9. This is SO BEAUTIFUL! The soft light, her delicate dress– just stunning! I am also obsessed with her ring. You told the story of their day so well!

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